THRUONE invention relates to a new concept of refueling Natural Gas (NG) vehicles that will revolutionary the utilization of NGV in the next years. The automated NG service station includes the “state of the art” technologies such as anti-piracy and identification RFID checker system, image inspection, robot arm and a human guided interactive interface (follow the signs methodology) that minimizing the inconvenience to the vehicle operator. This system is under patent protection. The compressed natural gas (CNG) market is growing and the production of natural gas is booming, with no end in sight.  With natural gas priced 50% to 75% cheaper than diesel fuel on an energy-equivalent basis, the economic logic of converting trucks, buses, taxis and vans to cleaner burning, lower mission NG is compelling. Adding the advantages of cost saving ( 30% less cost for fleet operators) and  less pollution (30% less NOx emission) this invention could hit over USD 3,0 Billion business sales until 2025. THRUONE is looking for partner companies and investors to put in place this invention.

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