Industry 4.0

Legacy 500 - Melbourne - US

THRUONE has turned towards Industry 4.0. This project comprises in prepare and customize all Legacy 500 Final Assembly 3D Working Instructions for Embraer Melbourne site. It will bring to the shop floor the real time aircraft design data at the most realistic behavior. Using the Model Based Definition – MBD, all engineering and process information can be added to the 3D Catia models and no more 2D drawings will be necessary. Joining the Delmia applications (DPE, WKC and DPM) and Manufacturing Execution System – MES, the information necessary to build the aircraft will be available “easily and updated” in the operator’s hand. It will be a PAPERLESS environment with no more design mistakes interpretation, with reduced product and tooling changes, less cost on sustaining activities and higher manufacturing process maturity.

  • Start: 2016
  • Status: On going
  • Where: THRUONE Facility
  • Head Count: 6 FTE